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Charity Fund-Raising



The money earned from our tour services we donate 30% to the Cambodia Childrens Orphans making us the main supplier of education, food, shelter and health care for the children at the orphanage. The Cambodia Childrens Orphans is a home for children that have no family, or have come from a poor background which their family cannot afford to feed and educate them. The Children’s Orphan’s is a nonprofit project under the supervision of Cambodia Tours Guide Team. Our main goal is to help the Children’s Orphan’s by providing the children with education, food, water, basic gym equipment, health care, and help them learn to achieve healthy social relationships in the future. The Schools surrounding Siem Reap are in constant need of assistance, with many of the children unable to receive basic supplies due to the lack of government funding.

For most Cambodian families, purchasing educational material is not possible when the money must be spent to feed the family. Additionally, because of the growing tourist boom surrounding Siem Reap, most of the children are forced to work after their classes have ended. The little time they have at school is the most valuable and precious. Along with providing tours throughout Angkor Wat and its temples, the team at Cambodia Tours Guide also provides daily excursions to rural schools where any sort of assistance from you can make a huge impact on the children attending. After touring the beautiful and ancient temples built by the Khmer People, spending just half a day at one of these schools is a great way to make a memorable impression on your vacation. 
Cambodia Tours Guide is Your assistance will be grately appreciated by:
*Donating food, educational materials, health care, basic supplies to run the orphanage
*Providing the school with health vaccinations, or hiring a local doctor for one day                 *Buying notebooks, pencils, colouring pencils, pens, backpacks, and other school materials 
*Donating money for school uniforms for the children at orphanage center . 
*Donating sports equipment (soccer balls, volleyballs). 
*Volunteering at the orphanage school for the day by teaching  English classes, IT skills, math’s, social skills, playing games and singing.

Cambodia Tours Guide

A tour like this would start with a visit to the local wholesalers market where you can pick from hundreds of shops to select the items you would like to donate (Items like notebooks can be purchased for 10 cents, packs of colored pencils for less than 25 cents). We would then journey into the jungle on the outskirts of Siem Reap to schools where you can meet the children, hear from their teachers and experience the liveliness of classrooms filled with students eager to learn. It is a terrific moment to include in your travel plans ! Additionally, If you would like to donate without visiting the orphanage & schools, please contact us about supporting the future of Cambodia. For those that continue to provide their support after leaving Cambodia, Thank You from the team Cambodia Tours Guide team. You are making difference in the Children's lives. Please feel free to contact us any time for further information with regards to the tours, donating and coming to volunteer. 
We wish you and your family well and thank you for all your support 
With kind regards from Cambodia Tours Guide.